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Meet The Chef

Inspired by my Georgia-bred mother, her 10 siblings, good food and an idea. I decided to become a chef.


At 16 years old, not knowing where to start, my father suggested I inquire for work at a hotel where he experienced good food and good service. It was there that I got my first kitchen job for a banquet kitchen.

I continued my journey in culinary learning and sharpening my skills through school and more work in the hotel industry.


I graduated from Virginia State University c/o 2014 with my BS in Hospitality Management. I also graduated from Johnson & Wales University with my AS in Culinary Arts


Through this journey, I’ve worked in a variety of venues including a small-town hotel kitchen and luxury brand hotels. Working in these kitchens and also through personal invitation, I’ve had the pleasure of cooking for celebrity singers, actors, comedians, Fortune 500 Executives, 16 NFL teams and in the White House.


As my experience and techniques evolve, so does my expression of food. I use it as constant inspiration and motivation to “Not only Cook Food but to Create an Experience” for my clients!



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